Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This depends primarily on two things:

1) How difficult your dental condition is.

2) How cooperative you are with rubber bands, brushing your teeth, etc. Compliance with instructions is key!

Those who cooperate with treatment instructions frequently get braces removed in 12–18 months. However, those who miss appointments, fail to cooperate with wearing rubber bands (whose role is to fix the bite), don’t maintain good oral hygiene, etc. may have treatment that takes 24 months. And sometimes longer.

No problem! We offer treatment at affordable fees for those who lack dental insurance with orthodontic benefits.

No. We provide many options. A monthly payment plan works well for many people.

If you arrange a monthly payment plan, and in the middle of treatment decide to pay off your balance in full, we will offer a discount.

Our aim is to be flexible, affordable, and deliver extraordinary value.

Your gums will usually bleed more easily, your gums will be red and puffy, and you may get white spots and cavities on your teeth.

If oral hygiene remains poor, we will remove the wire to allow the patient to more easily clean teeth. If, however, oral hygiene fails to improve, we may even need to remove the braces early. This final approach is taken to prevent permanent damage to the teeth.

Yes. In most cases, you are to continue to visit the dentist every 6 months. In certain cases, however, patients are advised by their dentist to visit every 3 months. Please consult your dentist with any questions.

We are the orthodontic team that specializes in straightening teeth and fixing bites. To be clear, however, we are not your general dentist. Nor are we your hygienist. Instead, we’re all working together with separate roles for your overall dental health.